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Seeing is believing.

Our goal is to help clients reach their PEAK Fitness and we've done just that time and time again. Check out what our clients are saying.

Dave C.

“I started using the PEAK method when I was 9 months past stem cell transplants and chemo for cancer and feeling very weak. My body had lost a lot of muscle mass from the transplant and the specific cancer I had left my bones weak and fragile. I needed to get my muscle back without endangering my spinal cord. I have worked with PEAK Fitness for 5 months and have seen tremendous results. I’ve gained 10.6 pounds of muscle while losing 10.8 pounds of fat. That is a tremendous return for the energy spent.”

Jared P.

“Functional benefit first... thousands upon thousands of golf swings over the past 10 years created a muscular imbalance in my core. By training with PEAK Fitness, we've ironed out the imbalance and I've gained strength. The result: I'm hitting the ball farther and lowered my handicap from 5 to scratch. I've also gained an aesthetic benefit: I'm looking good with all this added muscle.”

Rona K.

“I'm really amazed at the simplicity of this workout. I was blown away at the workout I was put through! We accomplished in 20 minutes what usually takes me an hour. Wow, that was awesome!”

Julie U.

“Kelly is a wonderful professional who makes great use of your time and knows how to build strength in her clients. Best personal investment I've made.”

Dr. Ty Carzoli, Chiropractor

“Kelly and her trainers are knowledgeable, welcoming and top notch in what they do. Their facility has great equipment and their programs are safe and effective for every level of client. Whether you're just getting into exercise, a seasoned veteran or recovering from an injury or surgery, these coaches know how to get you to your goals! They care deeply about their clients and the outcomes of their service.”

Marty & Marylee M.

“My wife and I have worked with multiple trainers over the years. No one compares with how well the PEAK Team has helped us retain (and post-surgery regain) our strength well into our mid-70's. We travel extensively and are always amazed by how much better shape we are in compared to much younger people. It felt fantastic to return after the COVID-19 stay-at-home order expired. Kelly's procedures for social distancing and cleanliness make you feel extremely comfortable. We highly recommend PEAK Fitness Denver.”

Libby R.

“My body feels harder to the touch and I can't believe the overall effect on my endurance. I went on a 13 mile hike with my husband recently and I kept up with him every step of the way...that has never happened before!”

Kate M.

“No longer do I have to ask another passenger to help me with my overhead luggage on airplane flights. Now I can lift it myself! Kelly and her trainers are true experts.”

Neal L.

“The PEAK Method is the only exercise method I've been able to stick with. One or two 20-minute sessions a week are all it takes. The PEAK Team is great to work with and flexible in their scheduling.”

Glenn K.

“I was in my 60's and concerned about losing muscle mass when I started. I feel better and stronger with less aches and pains since starting the workouts. I never feel at risk of injury as the trainers are knowledgeable in both anatomy and training. The workouts are directed with care and sensitivity.”

Diana C.

“I can't remember when my back was this strong! My posture has improved greatly.”

Jennifer C.

“When I go to PEAK Fitness, I get smart, focused and individualized attention on the things I need help with in order to achieve my goals.”

We’re not doing this alone.

A huge and heartfelt gratitude to our community partners.


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