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Exercise smarter. Get stronger.


PERFORMANCE is everything. Whether it’s striving at work, keeping up with your children, competing in team events, or just being able to do all the activities you love. Our priority is getting clients safely to their PEAK Performance.

ENDURANCE and effective training gives your body the ability to maximize physical exertion without causing fatigue or injury. Whether it's running a marathon or recovering from surgery, endurance can help you get to the finish line with less stress.

ACTIVITY doesn’t have to mean all-out energy and vigorous motion. The PEAK Method uses a slow-burn technique through training with FDA-approved MedX equipment. Personalized training programs use a safe approach to weight lifting and building your strength over the long term.

KINESIOLOGY means “the study of the mechanics of body movements.” PEAK is not your typical gym or fitness center. It’s an educational training facility for improving the health of your body and mind both now and in the future.

Efficient. Effective.

We’re not your average gym using the standard personal trainer approach asking you to be in the gym five days a week or more. When it comes to PEAK workouts, we maximize efficiency – time and energy.


That’s right, our workouts are designed to get you in the gym two times per week for less than 30 minutes each. We use FDA certified MedX equipment to create a slow-motion tempo that creates max muscle burn.

We are on a mission to provide a safe environment and expert coaching to help you reach your PEAK physical fitness. Your safety is our top priority and that’s why we only use MedX equipment regardless of your age, ability, or knowledge


With only two high-intensity/short duration sessions per week, you will be feeling stronger in as little as 4 weeks.

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Long term, you’ll be developing the skills and knowledge to take control of your physical fitness.


We’re here to help you increase your physical strength through proven, slow-burn scientific methods using FDA-certified MedX equipment.

Meet your trainers

Our team of personal trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your PEAK fitness. We’re knowledgeable and passionate about understanding your fitness goals and developing a tailored plan to help get you there.

Kelly Headshot.jpg

Kelly Erdman

Owner, Lead trainer


(303) 881-7851


When you meet Kelly, you’ll see right away how genuine she is. She takes your goals and priorities to heart, and she knows how to bring an element of fun into your workout, so you enjoy getting in shape.


Highly skilled trainer. Multiple certifications.

  • CHEK Exercise Coach

  • TRX Suspension Trainer certified

  • SilverSneakers MSROM certified

  • CPR/PR AED certified

  • RTE First Aid certified

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